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5 Tips for Approaching Missing Members

5 Tips for Approaching Missing Members
By Mark Tyler

Don’t criticize the falling away. Go in love and empathy to let them know that the church, the members and God miss them at church.—Ed Williams

Seek to understand where they are coming from. If someone doesn’t feel understood, they may not feel inclined to understand you.—Reed Richardi

Seek a relationship that is not contingent upon whether they come back. If the relationship is not authentic, it’s going to have the opposite effect.—Richardi

You can’t approach your own family because they will feel you’re nagging them. Find a friend and let them “nag” your family, then you go “nag” theirs.—Williams

Unless invited, never visit a former Adventist on Sabbath, because if you catch them doing something they shouldn’t, you’ve driven another wedge.—Williams


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