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Let's Contribute to One Million Prayers

Members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the United States, Canada, Bermuda, Guam and Micronesia are currently participating in Pray One Million. This spiritual initiative is a wake-up call for leaders at all the levels of the church and for every single member of the family of God.

Editorial by José Cortés, New Jersey Conference president

Jose Cortes Jose Cortes

I encourage you to join and experience a real spirit of revival, and receive the Holy Spirit and the power of heaven. I believe that through this, He will equip the church to fulfill the mission assigned to us by our Master, Jesus Christ.

The program asks us to pray for one person for at least one minute every day. Together we will accumulate one million hours of intense intercession every four months all across the North America Division territory. In past special times of need, prayer worked. And, it will work again.

Today I am inviting all of you to be praying people, a working element and instrument of God in this great movement that will bring our church to the next level. Our success begins when we humbly connect with Him before going to work or to the classroom. It begins when we put our plans at His feet, asking Him to bless according to what He wants, not what we want. Prayer is the passport to success. It is, in essence, the most important part of our work.

Will you be part of it?

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