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Old Fashioned Breaks Thru Shades of Grey

Washington Adventist University graduate, Rik Swartzwelder, is bringing chivalry and romance back to life in his new nationwide film, Old Fashioned.

Story by Dawna-gene Milton

Old Fashioned is a story about love, but what exactly does old fashioned love mean? When Swartzwelder spoke with Jane Johnson Struck, he cleared that up by saying, “To me, it’s about the idea of mutual respect, a sense of honor and a recognition that love can and should be something sacred. The past was in no way perfect, but some of the things we’ve abandoned from the ways things used to be, we’ve done at our own peril.”

OF_PosterAs Christians we know that society is pushing for more ungodly entertainment. It is everywhere we look. Rik Swartzwelder spoke with LifeSite News and wanted to let people know that not everyone is seeking out that type of entertainment. “I think there is currently a unique and growing longing for authenticity and innocence in our culture. And that goes for inside church walls and out.” Swartzwelder goes on to say later, “Many are tired and road-weary and looking for a way home. Old Fashioned is like a warm blanket that wraps itself around you and comforts you and makes you feel safe, even if for just a moment, in a very dangerous world.”

As viewers though, what would Rik Swartzwelder like us to gain from going to see Old Fashioned? Referencing back to his interview with Jane Johnson Struck, he said, “My hope for the film, in addition to an entertaining time at the movies, is that like-minded people out there might realize they are not alone in longing for more, that some with wounds or regrets from previous relationships might find a measure of healing and for a few possibly help them challenge the status quo and raise the bar in their own romantic lives.”

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