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Catastasis Coming

March 7, Anthony Hackett, a Washington, D.C., area filmmaker will premiere his first feature film, Catastasis, at Spencerville Adventist Academy in Spencerville, Md.

Interview by V. Michelle Bernard

This self-rated film will keep adult audiences on the edge of their seats. See how Hackett plans to witness through the project.

Visitor:What inspired you to write and produce the movie?

Hackett: God was my inspiration.  Literally.  God.

Visitor: How do you want it to be used once it is released?

Hackett: My prayer is that this film will be used by God to touch peoples lives in a way that they will either make changes, or at least begin thinking bout how much God REALLY Loves them.


Click here to purchase tickets to the 6 p.m. screening.

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