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Computer Donation Saves Shenandoah Valley Academy $200,000

Computer Donation Saves Shenandoah Valley Academy $200,000

Story by Christopher Simons

Clinton Bame (’16) and Cameron Sahly (’16) install new RAM and hard drives into the donated computers. Clinton Bame (’16) and Cameron Sahly (’16) install new RAM and hard drives into the donated computers.

Ron White, information support director for Shenandoah Valley Academy (SVA) in New Market, Va., was recently approached by a parent who works at a Veterans Affairs (VA) hospital. The parent wanted to know if the school was interested in obtaining good computers that the VA was replacing.

To receive the computers, SVA needed to apply for them at, a site run by the General Services Administration to assist schools, libraries and other types of nonprofits. After several months, White received a call one Friday morning from a representative at the VA hospital saying that the computers were being listed that afternoon. He anxiously checked the website throughout the day.

“Sabbath came and there was no sign of the computers being listed,” White says. “I awoke Sabbath morning pondering whether to check or not; not checking meant potentially missing them. I decided God was in charge and to wait patiently. I couldn't, so I waited impatiently for Sabbath to be over. God laughed at me and there was nothing listed when I checked after sundown.” Sunday came—still nothing. In fact, the computers were not listed until a week later on the following Monday. White checked just before leaving for work and found them posted. So he quickly requested them all.

But, anxiety would continue for White. “I noticed before I exited the website that someone else had requested them as well. Before me? After me? I didn't know,” he says. “By lunchtime five others had requested part or all of the distribution of computers and laptops.” White decided to again trust that it was in God’s capable hands.

Several days later, the VA hospital contacted him and told him to bring a big truck. Four pallets of desktops and laptops awaited him! White excitedly made the one-hour trip. As the workers loaded the pallets onto the truck, he thanked them for their help with the computers, and the work they do at the VA hospital for those who serve(d) to defend this country.

The computers, valued at $150,000, included 240 desktops and 60 laptops systems. Many still needed hard drives and RAM. The school ordered the necessary hardware, as well as a Windows 7 and Microsoft Office Enterprise-level subscription, which will save the school between will save the school between $200,000 and $225,000 over the next few years, including a savings of between $50,000 and $75,000 in software costs. But the blessing doesn’t stop with SVA. There were so many machines donated that some went to nearby Shenandoah Valley Adventist Elementary, making marked improvements in their technology program as well.

The school still needs help upgrading their technology. For more details, contact Christopher Simons at (540) 740-2202 or


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