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How to Broach "Birds and Bees" With Young People

Our experts offer pointers to parents on how to broach "the birds and the bees" with young people.

By Mark Tyler / Graphic via ThinkStock

Our experts offer pointers to parents on how to broach the subject with young people:

• Most parents wait too long to talk about it with their kids. Start early with the simple mechanics of sex, just like you would explain how flowers grow or how recycling works. Feel free to be brief but accurate the first time.

• Help your children realize that private body parts are powerful parts that are a symbol of God’s power.

• Don’t just have “the talk.” Make it a continuing conversation. Open dialogue helps make sure you are part of the process of setting up healthy boundaries.

• Discussing healthy sexuality and consequences gives young people a realistic view of sex and can help them make better, healthy decisions. This also reduces the chances of promiscuity.

• Confirm that what they are feeling is not only natural, but God-given.

• Help young people understand that a premarital sexual history will follow them and complicate life.

• Let young people know that it is more important to develop character and personal values than buy into the myth that the right person will “complete” them.

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