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Tips for Deep Breathing

Faye Gregory says we don’t breathe deeply and fully enough. Faye Gregory says we don’t breathe deeply and fully enough.

Tips for Deep Breathing

Story by Beth Michaels

Yoga was born from Eastern meditation practices and comes with the spiritual warnings to Christians. However, Faye Gregory, a personal trainer and group fitness instructor who is a member at Allegheny East Conference’s (AEC) First church of Newtonville (N.J.), notes one benefit of yoga to seek elsewhere. “I’m big on breathing. We don’t breathe deeply and fully enough,” she says. Deep breathing oxygenates the brain and muscles and is a key component in de-stressing.

Gregory teaches deep breathing at AEC’s annual Fit 4 You Retreats, where she has been offering a yoga-like relaxation and stretching class for about 10 years. Here is one of the deep breathing techniques she teaches that anyone can do:

Step 1: Change into comfortable, stretchy clothing.

Step 2: Pick a stress-free room and dim the lights.

Step 3: Find calm, relaxing music or play nature sounds.

Step 4: Sit down with legs folded and calm yourself for 30 seconds or more, inhaling slowly through the mouth and exhaling through the nostrils.

Step 5: For deeper breathing, either remain sitting or stand up. Place arms down by your side with your palms facing in (your hands will lay flat on the side of your legs).

Step 6. Inhale slowly as you lift your arms upward toward the ceiling, keeping your palms facing in.

Step 7: Turn your palms out (with your thumb now facing the ceiling) then exhale slowly as you bring your arms back to your side.

Step 8: Repeat 9 more times.


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