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Richmond Academy Dedicates New Campus

Richmond Academy Dedicates New Campus

Story by Tiffany Doss

“This is not one person’s school or one church’s school; we all have a piece of it,” said Robert Fetters, principal of Richmond Academy, at the opening ceremony of its new facility. “This school is a collaborative investment in quality Christian education supported by the region’s Adventist community.”

For several years, the academy, which provides real-time classroom instruction for five additional Potomac schools through video conferencing, has felt like it was bursting at the seams. As demands for more space grew, a prayerful search for new property became top priority.

A new campus was found just eight miles down the road, complete with land and an existing school building. In late June, volunteers throughout Richmond’s Adventist community worked together to move to the new facility, and tireless efforts throughout the remainder of the summer break ensured the school would be ready for its dedication and opening in August.

During the prayer walk, attendees prayed in each classroom and over teachers, like Brody Wiedemann (pictured). During the prayer walk, attendees prayed in each classroom and over teachers, like Brody Wiedemann (pictured).

The new building holds 14 classrooms: is set up with modern technology equipment, which will aid in their Connected School Program: and has plenty of space for activities and future growth. “This new campus provides the opportunity for more young people to experience and benefit from the ministry known as Richmond Academy,” says Ryan Brossfield, school board chairman.

After a brief introduction to staff and a short history of the school, those who attended the grand opening were invited to participate in a prayer walk. “We will be going into each classroom and praying for wisdom, for the teachers, for things that will be happening in the school,” said Fetters. “We started this two years ago and it’s a tradition we want to continue. We are so grateful for what the Lord is doing in our community.”

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