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What is the Future of Health Ministries?

More than a thousand church leaders met recently at the Second Global Conference on Lifestyle and Health in Geneva. Columbia Union leaders respond to the conference’s charge to increase our health ministry efforts in every church:

Dave Weigley Dave Weigley

During one of the devotionals, we learned that the cause of many diseases is related to not experiencing God’s grace, which causes emotions like guilt, discontent and grief. If our churches promote healthy lifestyles—including advocating for hope, joy and peace through Christ’s righteousness—every church can be a health center.—Dave Weigley is president of the Columbia Union Conference


Ismael Gama Ismael Gama


The “ObamaCare” initiatives are giving us the opportunity to highlight our Adventist heritage regarding the prevention of noncommunicable diseases. I would love to see our churches embracing the faith community nursing program and be more involved with the health needs of their communities.—Ismael Gama is associate vice president for mission integration and spiritual care at Adventist HealthCare

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