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Ministry Highlight: Crossroads Productions

Crossroads is a dramatic arts ministry that portrays real-life situations that people inside and outside the church struggle with. Read more about it here.

Article by Jasmyn N. Green

Crossroads’ focus is creative evangelism, reaching people through a new method without changing or compromising the message. Carla Valles, a member of the Westside church in Cleveland, started the ministry as an outgrowth of her love for the stage and writing.

The group’s latest stage production is “Looking for My Boaz,” a play about family, relationships and for- giveness. The play teaches that instead of focusing on finding that special person, people need to spend time making sure they are that person through God.

Crossroads does not compromise in order to attract a crowd. “I feel that if I have to compromise to get my foot in the door, then that is a door I don’t want to go through,” says Valles. “I started this ministry so Christians who are gifted in the dramatic arts can use that gift without compromising their morals or beliefs.”

Crossroads’ mission is clear: the desire for people to stop being afraid to confront taboo topics; for the audi- ence to walk away knowing that God can cure all wounds; to open communication lines within families and churches.

To date the ministry has had successful shows in Cleveland and Columbus and we will head to Atlanta in November. In each city, they seek other outreach min- istries with which to collaborate. They also hope to set up scholarships at some point. And, they are working on their first movie.

For more information, visit the Facebook page “Looking for My Boaz Stage Play,” or view the sizzle reel at

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