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Charis McRoy Washington Adventist University student receives prestigious internship at Hopkins

Washington Adventist University Junior Secures Prestigious Summer Internship at Johns Hopkins University

Story by Giovanni Torrente

The biology department at Washington Adventist University (WAU) is proud to celebrate the achievement of Charis McRoy, a junior under the guidance of Dr. Perez.
McRoy, also a member of the Honors College, has earned a summer internship at Johns Hopkins University for 2024, following her persistent applications.

Since enrolling at WAU, McRoy has demonstrated an eagerness to learn and seek out challenges, leading her to secure a place in the Genomics and Mentorship Society program at Johns Hopkins from May to August. This opportunity allows her to delve into bioethics through various activities and classes, building on her previous experiences, including a bioethics course, a genetics class, a tutoring role in science, and a teaching assistant position.

Selected from a competitive pool of applicants from numerous universities, McRoy stood out for her potential and accomplishments. “This internship is a monumental step for me,” McRoy said. “It brings me closer to experiencing the bioethics world from multiple angles, including political studies and biology. Now, I can engage directly in the field with experienced professionals.”

McRoy expressed gratitude for the support and encouragement from her professors and the divine opportunity to pursue her long-term interest, despite previous rejections. “It’s discouraging to be rejected multiple times, but I’m thankful to God and my professors for their support and for writing recommendation letters,” she added.

Dr. Perez, chair of the biology and chemistry department at WAU, highlighted McRoy’s accomplishment as a testament to the capabilities of WAU students to compete nationally. “We’re delighted to have Charis represent us. It shows our students’ competitiveness and we aim to increase our presence in such opportunities,” said Perez. He also noted the department’s intention to expand student participation in internships, referencing two students who were awarded shadowing internships last year with Adventist Health.

Perez praised McRoy’s proactive approach and her representation of students who actively seek opportunities. “Charis exemplifies the initiative-taking, results-getting individual. She’s not only academically driven but also participates in athletics and other activities, showcasing her focus and dedication,” Perez concluded.

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