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Standing Tall For Jesus

When Ellen White was a teenager, her family had to stand up for their beliefs. This resulted in them being forced to leave their church—a situation that was incredibly hard for the family. In 2024, grow closer to Jesus so that you’ll be strengthened when faced with tough situations.


Have you enjoyed the Adventist Heritage cartoons we’ve included in the Visitor magazine this past year? If so, the Ellen G. White Estate and Adventist Heritage Ministries has compiled The Story of Anna Rice, a book about the life of Anna Rice and 15 other pioneer adventurers from the beginning days of the Seventh-day Adventist movement.

This compilation recounts tales of a hurricane, when potatoes preached, an embarrassing outfit, the most honest man in town and even a heavenly bodyguard.

Call the Ellen G. White Estate at (301) 680-6540 to order a copy of the $2 dollar book, plus shipping, and scan the QR code for other pioneer-related games, activities, lesson plans, books, stories and more!


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