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Savoring Change, Fostering Growth

Story by Burney Culpepper, Principal

As the Blue Mountain Academy (BMA) family commences on a journey into the new year, they are delighted to share some exciting changes that have taken place at their beloved institution.

One notable transformation involves their cafeteria facilities. In collaboration with Pennsylvania Conference leaders, BMA administrators have forged a dynamic partnership with Lexington Independents to elevate the dining experience for their students. The result is a positive and refreshing cafeteria atmosphere where students can savor a diverse array of cuisines.

“The cafeteria changes are very drastic in the best way possible. We are all excited to go; it’s fulfilling, healthy and gives us energy for our classes,” shares junior student Madison Moltalvo.

At the helm of this culinary adventure, Hector Ruiz, Food Service director, expresses, “We offer a wide array of diverse cuisine that showcase a range of culinary cultures. Some of our popular options are New American, Italian, Mexican, Indian, Chinese and Greek cuisines. Whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, lactose intolerant or nut-free, we’ve got you covered. And this is just the beginning; there are countless more culinary cultures we are eager to explore.”

This collaboration enhances not only the flavor but the nutritional value of the meals, promoting overall well-being. BMA believes a well-nourished body fosters a well-nourished mind, crucial for academic and personal growth.

Emphasizing a healthy lifestyle, BMA continues to prioritize physical activity with morning PE classes and intramurals.

BMA staff expresses sincere thanks to everyone who has supported them through prayers and financial contributions. They encourage you to share the transformative BMA experience with other young individuals, spreading the positive impact of their community.

Thank you for being a vital force in the BMA family.

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