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Dave Weigley announces his retirement

Dave Weigley Announces His Retirement

UPDATE, MARCH 11, 2024:

The Columbia Union Executive Committee met on March 6 and voted to form a presidential search committee to bring recommendations back to the executive committee. 

UPDATE, MARCH 4, 2024:

What Happens Now?

We have received inquiries about what happens during a presidential transition: 

  • In the absence of a president between constituency meetings, the Columbia Union Bylaws give authority to the union executive committee to elect a new president. This process will be chaired by NAD President Dr. Alex Bryant. 
  • During this transition, as is the practice of the church, the two remaining executive officers—Celeste Ryan Blyden, executive secretary and vice chair of the union boards and committees, and Emmanuel Asiedu, treasurer—will continue to care for the needs of the union with support from Dr. Bryant.


Kelly Butler Coe


Columbia, MD, February 25, 2024 — Columbia Union Conference president, Dave Weigley, announced today that he will retire, effective March 1, 2024.

“I feel blessed by the incredible opportunity I was given to lead the Columbia Union Conference for nearly 18 years,” Weigley says. “Through God, we have accomplished so much together.”

Weigley, who has 47 years of ministry and service to the Seventh-day Adventist Church, has been a champion for evangelism, inviting all members to get involved and “Experience the Mission” together. He also recognized the importance of reaching the Columbia Union’s diverse populations by growing Multilingual Ministries and helping to open doors for women called to the ministry.

“As many people know, my wife, Becky, is receiving palliative chemotherapy for cancer. I need to be able to put her first and focus all of my time on her care. For nearly five decades, Becky has been a supportive partner in ministry, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to be able to support her during this difficult time,” he adds. “We continue to trust God through this journey and are grateful for the prayers and outreach we have received from around the union and beyond.”

Weigley also acknowledges that departing from Columbia Union leadership at this time will enable him to address legal issues arising from the ongoing investigation of Kettering Health during the latter years he chaired the board.

“I don’t wish to be a distraction from the mission of the church and believe it’s in the best interest of the Columbia Union for me to retire at this time,” says Weigley.

Please continue to pray for the Weigley family; for the Columbia Union, as we prepare for the upcoming transition to a new president; and for Kettering Health, which continues its vital role in the health ministry of the Adventist Church.


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