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Loriann Korley

Blue Mountain Academy Student Shines Light on Experience

Story by Esther Hernandez

Have you ever met someone whose kindness is like a beacon, illuminating the lives of those around them? Loriann Korley (pictured above), a Blue Mountain Academy (BMA) junior, is that rare soul who leaves everyone pondering the profound impact of a simple act of kindness.

Faculty and staff at BMA have witnessed Korley’s kindness firsthand. Matthew White, a math teacher, notes, “I have noticed how she is often singing or humming an uplifting spiritual song.”

During a history class trip and various in-campus activities, Gay Tanamal, the finance treasurer, observed Korley’s leadership talents. “She goes out of her way to help others,” he says.

In church service, Harry Benson, the BMA Health Food Store manager, recalls Korley’s impactful scripture reading. He emphasizes, “Even if it was ‘just’ a scripture reading, it was important. She cared about how she presented the Word of God to her peers.”

Jennifer Culpepper, head girls’ dean, commends Korley’s Christlike spirit in the dorm, saying, “Korley cares about others’ feelings. I have appreciated her leadership in and out of the dorm.”

Rooted in a family deeply connected to prayer, 

Korley’s parents sought God's guidance for her edu- cation from a young age. “When I was 5 years old,
I remember seeing my parents constantly kneel in search of God’s plans for my education,” she shares.

A turning point came when her uncle, Emmanuel Asiedu, Columbia Union Conference treasurer, proposed BMA as an option. Korley reflects, “I know this was a sign from God. Here I’ve been able to understand my Adventist beliefs, develop my leadership skills and manage my time.”

Reflecting on the supportive community, Korley expresses gratitude. “Ever since I set foot on campus, I’ve experienced a supportive family.” She acknowledges the staff’s dedication, sharing, “My teachers look for ways to help me, putting extra time into their busy day.”

As Korley contemplates her future, she has enjoyed assisting the dean and discovering her passion for working with people. While her aspirations are still taking shape, she envisions working with small children, possibly as a teacher or a pediatrician.

Let’s join in prayer for students like Korley as they embark on a journey to discover the purpose God has for them in this BMA experience.

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