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Pathfinders at the 2024 Columbia Union Conference Pathfinder Bible Experience | Photo by Shane Hochstetler

2024 Columbia Union Conference Pathfinder Bible Experience Results

Images by Shane Hochstetler

Last weekend, 23 of the 37 teams participating in the Columbia Union Conference level 2024 Pathfinder Bible Experience (PBE) placed first.

During the event, held in Tranquility, N.J., Celeste Ryan Blyden, Columbia Union executive secretary, and Emmanuel Asideu, treasurer, announced that the union will give $2,000 to all the teams placing first to aid in travel expenses to the upcoming North American Division event to take place in Colorado.

Congrats to all the participants!

Alleghany East
Community Falcons  1st
Genesis NJ Jaguars 1st
New Maranatha Karibu Pilgrims - Eagles 3rd
New Maranatha Karibu Pilgrims - Falcons 3rd

Atholton Faithblazers - Righteous Royals 1st
Ellicott City Stallions - Bible Bulletts 1st
Ellicott City Stallions - Warriors1st
Washington Ghanaian Adom - Peace Makers 1st
Washington Ghanaian Adom - Warriors 1st
Westminster Timberwolves  3rd

New Jersey
Bridgeton Spanish Heavens Army - Genesis 2nd
Bridgeton Spanish Heavens Army - Judeam  2nd
Lake Nelson Piscataway Eagles - Deborah1st
Lake Nelson Piscataway Eagles - Gideon 1st

West Lake Witnesses  1st

Berwick Aviators - God's Instruments  1st
Berwick Aviators - PBE Penguins. 1st
Bethlehem Trumpets - Team A 1st
Bethlehem Trumpets - Team B 1st


Beltsville Broncos - Flamin' Foxes  2nd
Beltsville Broncos - Hiddin' Torches 2nd
Beltsville Broncos - Pushin' Pillars 1st
Beltsville Broncos - Smashin' Jars. 2nd
Burnt Mills Blue Jays 1st
CPC Panthers - Conquerors 1st
Capital Spanish Eagles 2nd
Fredericksburg Patriots - Swords of the Lord 1st
Leesburg Soaring Eagles - Bible Blazers 2nd
Leesburg Soaring Eagles - Conquerors 1st
Living Hope Messengers - Power Puffs 2nd
New Market Trailblazers - Team 1 1st
New Market Trailblazers - Team 2
 3rd Olney Musketeers - The Chosen  2nd
Roanoke Challengers 1st
SASDAC Sentinels - To Know Him 1st
SASDAC Sentinels - To Make Him Known  1st
Vienna Stars 2nd

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