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Potomac Conference, Treasury Implements New Software Program, Karen Senecal, Jewel software system

Treasury Implements New Software Program

Story by Debra Anderson

The Potomac Conference Treasury team recently underwent training with a new software program that will help them work more effectively and efficiently to better serve the needs of the organization and its local churches.

Under the guidance and expert assistance of North American Division’s Adventist Church Treasury Solutions team, the Treasury team (pictured) implemented a new web-based accounting software that allows real-time analysis of data and is fully integrated with the payroll software the conference has been using for several years.

According to Karen Senecal, vice president of Finance for the conference, the training week was intense, but very effective.

Daryl Hevener, the longest-serving member of the Treasury team, states, “I’m enjoying the capabilities of the new package.”

The software is also integrated with the Jewel software system that many of the Potomac Conference churches use. This allows the church remittance reports to be sent electronically and eliminates the need for data entry of the reports at the conference office. The software also stores source documents, which allows team members to view documents from anywhere. During the next few months, the Treasury team will be training the church treasurers in this simple procedure.

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