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Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay

Children’s Ministries Convention Ministers to Families

Story by Stephen Lee

Sixty Children’s Ministries local church directors and staff from 22 churches attended the Children’s Ministries Convention earlier this year. Pamela Daly and Ana Maria Benzaquen from the North American Division Children’s Ministries Department presented the Ministering to Families track in English and Spanish.

The certification track ended on Saturday night with a graduation where many received a certificate and pin. On Sunday, the attendees participated in the Vacation Bible eXperience (VBX) live expo where they were equipped to conduct a week of VBX at their local churches.

Attendee Aurelle Mirasol shares, “The Children’s Ministries Convention was such a blessing. It taught parents and leaders the precious value of our children. We learned that we truly must invest and commit our time toward them, and that we have the responsibility of living by example, teaching our children to have a relationship with Jesus and treating others with true compassion.”

She continues, “We learned that we are to accept them as they are in order to help them belong to a loving community, guide their faith to believe in Jesus and help them become all that Christ has created them to be, teaching them to #sayyestojesus.”

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