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Ohio Conference, 13 Young People Baptized at Summer Camp in Mohaven, Cub Camp, Junior Camp, Tween Camp, Family Camp, Ultimate Promise

13 Young People Baptized at Summer Camp in Mohaven

Story by Francis Tuffourhor

The Ohio Conference ended its 2023 summer youth camp at Camp Mohaven in Danville celebrating 13 young people who gave their lives to Jesus by publicly getting baptized. The camp, organized on different dates for diverse age groups, began with Cub Camp for kids ages 6–9 years, followed by Junior Camp for ages 9–12. Tween Camp came next, then Family Camp for all ages, and Teen Camp wrapped up the season.

Themed, “The Ultimate Promise,” Ohio Conference pastors Quentin Purvis, Dale Sheridan, Johnny Villamil and Jeff Akenberger spoke at this year’s summer camp. A week before the campers arrived, the camp staff visited the venue to ensure everything was lined up for a successful camping season. Apart from their physical preparation, the staff crowned their meeting with an agape meal and the Lord’s supper.

Joseph Ottinger, Youth Ministries director, baptizes  one of the candidates at summer campJoseph Ottinger, the conference’s new Youth Ministries director, notes, “I was very excited about the staff that we had. It was a group of young people who were committed to Jesus and developing a relationship on their own with Him, as well as helping campers have a fun experience at Camp Mohaven and deepen their relationship with Jesus too.” He complimented his administrative staff and managers of Camp Mohaven for their unique contributions.

Elias Esquivel, Camp Mohaven ranger, emphasized the blessings of camping: “It always amazes me that summer camp is such a powerful tool for young people, for adults and anyone that comes through the summer camp program. When you leave, you leave blessed. And I think one of the main reasons is because you learn how to become a blessing to others.”

Patrick Niyonzima, a camp staff member, shares, “I was able to minister to campers and see one of my campers get baptized.”

Shania Mamarimbing, a first-time camper, says, “The teamwork among the staff and everyone really impressed me. Everyone was always willing to help each other, no matter what.”

Kim Myers, assistant director for the summer camp, shares, “I always enjoy watching the many ways God works at summer camp. His blessings and miracles continued throughout this summer as well. It has been a pleasure to work with our staff and interact with our campers.”

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