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Tornado Hits Camp Mohaven

The Ohio Conference released the following statement:
During the night of Monday, June 14, Camp Mohaven was hit by one - possibly multiple - tornadoes. Thanks to God’s mercy we can report that every camper, staff, and person on site is safe and unharmed.
We would like to praise our Summer Camp staff who did an excellent job during this crisis. They executed the Camp Mohaven emergency action plan flawlessly, rushing all to safety in time before the storm struck.
This week’s summer camp is canceled and parents have been contacted to pick up their children. There is no power at camp and much cleanup work to do, so Mohaven is closed the remainder of this week. We are hoping to have summer camp back in session next week, but will keep the public updated as the situation develops.
Thank you for your prayers and thank you to all who are currently at Camp Mohaven working tirelessly to bring the camp back to function.
Please direct all questions to the Digital Media and Communication Director, Kasper Haughton Jr. CTS, M.Div.

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