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Statement by ADRA President Michael Kruger on ADRA's Continuing Response to the Humanitarian Crisis in Ukraine and Surrounding Regions

Statement from ADRA:

"Europe is facing a long-term massive humanitarian crisis. The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) has been on the ground since the conflict began on February 24 and has been serving communities in Ukraine and the surrounding region for the past 30 years. The demands for humanitarian assistance have been ever-changing and growing. ADRA has deployed additional emergency response teams and dispatched numerous humanitarian convoys to assist and evacuate displaced families and people in conflict-ravaged regions. We have escalated resources to assist refugees who have crossed into neighboring regions and are developing long-term programs for families and children to thrive. We want everyone to have access to education, children's services, job placement, health care, and other essential services to help them succeed in their communities," says Michael Kruger, president of ADRA International.

"ADRA is grateful to our Adventist Church family, trusted partners, supporters, and thousands of volunteers for their tireless dedication and contributions. As the global humanitarian agency of the Adventist Church, ADRA reaffirms its commitment to serve, protect, and stand for the Ukraine people and all communities impacted by this unending crisis."

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