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Pine Forge Academy Clubs Build Self-Esteem, Teach New Skills

Story by Tracey Jackson

Extracurricular clubs are a resourceful, fun and interactive way to teach students new information and skills. This year, faculty and staff at Pine Forge Academy (PFA) are utilizing clubs to share their personal hobbies with students.

The curriculum on Fridays consists of labs and clubs—10 clubs to be exact: Beautification, Culture Appreciation, Coding, Healthy Living, Poetry, Robotics, Sparks Online (Journalism), French, Yearbook, and Spiritual Life. Students are allowed to be in two clubs that run all year.

Clubs have always been a part of the PFA lifestyle, building self-esteem and leadership, offering opportunities to experience ownership of activities or products, teaching new skills, and helping make new friends.

For example, the Beautification Club does extra clean-up around the campus. Managed by Makayla Weathers (’23) and sponsored by H. Clifford Reynolds, III, PFA’s principal, the club is working toward restoring the school’s greenhouse and disposing of old furniture in some of the buildings.

Participant Jhamal Nelson (’23) says, “I find a sense of accomplishment after doing something good for the campus. I think people need to pay more attention to keeping the campus neat and clean.”

Kristen Dudley (’23) joined Sparks Online to “better develop my skills in journalism and public relations,” while Cairo Nora (’23) has learned “how to manage and promote myself and others on social media.” Sparks Online is sponsored by Elita Baker (’05), the school’s technology instructor. Baker also sponsors the Coding Club, which “encourages students to take the first step toward being a creator and not just a consumer of technology.”

The Culture Appreciation Club is a new club for students who are fascinated with Asian culture and art. Sponsored by Deborah Claborn, admissions director and registrar, she helps students identify and share Asian entertainment and culture that aligns with Christian values. For example, students discuss their favorite anime, Korean movies, TV shows, clothing and music, and examine how and if these things can be incorporated into a Christian lifestyle.

One of the most popular clubs is the Spiritual Life Club, sponsored by Ja’Chin Holness, PFA’s chaplain. This club plans programs and activities to foster and enhance the spiritual growth of the student body. Students write, practice and perform skits, as well as organize games and music that minister to the PFA youthful audience. 

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