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Pathfinder Skips Gifts to Feed Homeless Community

Story by Natalie Lilly

This past Christmas, 16-year-old Pathfinder and drill instructor Isaiah Ramos asked his parents to take the money that is usually spent on gifts to instead buy pizza for those experiencing homelessness in Philadelphia.

With encouragement from his grandfather William, an elder at the Maranatha Hispanic church, Ramos petitioned the congregation to join him. Moved by this young person’s passion for service, church members immediately flooded him with donations.

“Isaiah got up to tell us his plan to feed the homeless on Christmas Eve, and ... everyone started pulling out bills,” shares Janelly Davila, Pathfinder director.

Twelve Pathfinders and their parents gathered on Christmas Eve to share pizza and water with the population experiencing homelessness in their city. They also helped folks brave the cold winter with blankets, coats and shoes. A local pizza shop even donated five extra-large pizzas upon hearing about the group’s mission.

“My goal is not just to help the homeless have one lucky night of food and warmth. I want their community to have consistent support,” shares Ramos. “I’ve been a Pathfinder since I was 10, and it’s taught me everything I need to know about the Lord. I don’t want to help other people just because it looks good but because I’ve learned to truly care about others over the last six years.”

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