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Filling the Street With Thanks

Story by Tamyra Horst

The second Friday night of each month, Carnegie, Pa., hosts the “Carnegie Crawl,” where Main Street businesses stay open late with live music and special events throughout the town.


Earlier this year, nonprofits were offered the opportunity to serve the community during the crawl. Members of Pennsylvania Conference’s Carnegie church joined the event by creating a “gratitude board.” As people walked past the group, members asked them what they were thankful for.

“It was a great experience!” shares John Kent, pastor of Carnegie. “When asked to give thanks, many would pause for a few minutes, then take up a marker and begin writing. As the board filled up, more and more people would stop. Tears came to the eyes of many. ‘This is so awesome,’ they would say. People were grateful for so many things— health, family, being reunited with long-lost friends, God, grace.”

Here are other ideas for participating in Friday night events in your town: 

  • Offer mini-concerts in your decorated church sanctuary 
  • Offer samples and recipes of healthy seasonal dishes 
  • Facilitate Bible-based interactive games for kids 
  • Host a cookie decorating station for passersby 
  • Offer hot chocolate and an inspiring bookmark 
  • Offer watermelon or other fruit in the summer  

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