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Christ’s Real Concern About the End-Time Church

Story by Eduardo Monteiro

The year 2021 has ended, and we are still fighting COVID-19. None of us would have expected it would’ve taken so long to say goodbye to the pandemic.

Our world is not only facing hardships due to COVID-19. In the United States alone, we see wildfires and hurricanes leaving behind many deaths and homeless families.

Being part of the end-time church, we watch these events unfold and realize things are not getting better. As time passes, we see more and more changes in nature, society and the governing power of the world. “Where should we go to be safe?” some ask. “Is this the time to go out of the great cities?”

Pondering these questions, we must remind ourselves that the Word of God has the answer for all our past, present and future concerns. The book of Revelation brings a letter addressed directly to us. The letter written to the church in Laodicea is also a prophetic message for us today.

What is Christ’s true concern about His people living in the last days of the world’s history? When we read the letter in Revelation 3:14–22, many see it as a letter of rebuke and reproof. However, if we look more in-depth, it is a letter of love and invitation to the realization of our personal situation.

The letter describes how desperately Jesus is calling His people to see that they have become indifferent. Only Jesus can bring us out of this situation. He offers us three things that only He can give: 1. True gold (our faith) refined in fire (1 Pet. 1:7); 2. White garments, which are Christ’s perfect justice; and 3. Eye salve (the Laodiceans were spiritually blind), which is the Holy Spirit, Who can give us true spiritual sight (Eph. 1:17–18).

Let’s use the present situation our world is facing to break our icy hearts and ask Jesus to remove us from this lukewarm condition. He will do it. His letter in Revelation tells us so.

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