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‘Influencers for Jesus’ Overflow With Energy

Story by Kasper Haughton, Jr. 

After a two-year hiatus of public Youth Ministries events, Ohio Conference’s Hispanic Ministries recently hosted the 2022 “Día de la Joventud Adventista de Ohio” (Ohio Adventist Youth Day). More than 500 youth and young adults from across the state gathered at Eastwood Seventh-day Adventist Junior Academy for worship, spiritual encouragement, fun activities and fellowship.

The weekend’s theme inspired youth to be “Influencers for Jesus.” Guest speakers included Edward Marton, the conference’s Youth Ministries director, and Andres Peralta, the General Conference’s associate youth director. They challenged attendees to use their influence to reach others for Jesus through tools like social media. Workshops and seminars allowed attendees to learn about and practice their witnessing skills for the modern era.

“We are overjoyed to see the manifestation of the Lord in this place!” says Peter Simpson, the conference’s Hispanic Ministries coordinator. “It is something unexpected to see dozens and dozens of young people engaging their talents and leaving their lives at the feet of Jesus.”

Several young people responded to the day’s call to give their lives to Jesus, eight surrendering their lives to Christ through baptism.

“The weekend had an excellent environment, with good music, good seminars, wonderful baptisms!” says Peralta. “The energy of the young people was marvelous!”

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