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Karen Senecal (right) is pictured with Jose Vazquez (left) and Charles Tapp (center)

Potomac Conference Welcomes New VP for Finance

Story by Debra Anderson

The Potomac Conference recently announced the hiring of its new vice president for finance, Karen Senecal. Senecal makes history as the first woman elected to serve in this position at the largest conference in the Columbia Union.

Senecal joined Potomac’s treasury staff in June 2021 as Undertreasurer. She brings to her new position a wealth of experience, having served most recently as Treasurer and Director of Planned Giving and Trust Services for the New Jersey Conference. Prior to her tenure there, she headed the Treasury Department for the Ohio Conference and served as the Executive Secretary/Treasurer for the Oklahoma Conference. Karen also worked as an auditor for the General Conference Auditing Service.

Charles A. Tapp, president of the Potomac Conference, says, “In addition to her vast experience as a conference treasurer, Karen has the added blessing of being a teacher which will suit her well in this new role. One of her best qualities has nothing to do with her accounting background but is equally important, and that’s her wonderful sense of humor. God has gifted her with a spirit of joy that is a blessing to everyone who comes into her orbit.”

During its recent vote, Karen received an overwhelming show of support from Potomac’s Executive Committee. She begins her new duties immediately.


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