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Pennsylvania Conference Headquarters is Moving

Story by Natalie Lilly

The Pennsylvania Conference is eagerly gearing up to move into its new Evangelism and Mission Center on the campus of Blue Mountain Academy in Hamburg, as builders predict its completion in early 2022. Over the last few months, progress on the new conference headquarters happened quickly, with all walls framed by mid-September and sheet-rock placed the following weeks.

This week, conference employees said goodbye to their previous location, established in 1951 on Museum Road in Reading. During this transition, staff will be working remotely. The new owners of the building in Reading will maintain the historic charm of the building and utilize it as a residence and care center for memory-impaired patients.

“Our staff is excited to see this vision of the conference Evangelism and Mission Center come to fruition,” says Gary Gibbs, conference president. “We expect God to use this united effort of our conference to reach many for Jesus!”

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