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October 11, 2021: Let Me Tell You About Joseph

“Then Pharaoh said to Joseph, ‘Since God has made all this known to you, there is no one so discerning and wise as you’” (Gen. 41:39, NIV).

I like Genesis 41:39 because it shows God’s power and what He can do, especially in this abbreviated version on the story of Joseph:

Joseph lived with his father, Jacob, and 11 brothers in Canaan. Jacob made Joseph a coat of many colors, and God gave Joseph two dreams. One day, Jacob asked Joseph to take food to his brothers who were taking care of the sheep. When Joseph arrived, his brothers, except for Reuben—the oldest, and who wasn’t present—sold Joseph into slavery. Later, Joseph’s slave master took him to Egypt and sold him again.

Soon Joseph was put into prison for something he didn’t do. With God’s help, he interpreted the dreams of the king’s baker and cupbearer, and those predictions came true. Two years later, Pharaoh had two dreams, and the cupbearer remembered Joseph and told the king about him.

The king sent for Joseph, who interpreted the dreams. As a result, Joseph became second-in-command in Egypt. When famine came to the land, the storehouses were opened. Joseph’s brothers came to buy food. Joseph recognized them, and told them to bring their younger brother, Benjamin, when they came again. As part of the deal, Simeon was to stay in Egypt until Benjamin came. Joseph later revealed his identity and invited them to stay in Egypt. When the family arrived, Jacob was ecstatic!

Overall, this story has impacted my life by showing me the importance of forgiveness.

Thank You, God, for placing this story in the Bible. May we learn to forgive like Joseph did. Amen.

Peniel Amo-Mensah is a sixth-grader at the Roanoke Adventist Christian School in Virginia.

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