Connecting Columbia Union Seventh-day Adventists

ASI Columbia Union Goes to Orlando

Story by Michele Joseph, managing editor, ASI Columbia Union newsletter

Members of ASI Columbia Union attended the national ASI Convention in Orlando, Fla., held Aug. 4 to 7.

They were part of many coming to enjoy seminars and exhibits, share information about their own businesses and ministries and join in prayer, fellowship and praise and worship.

"While COVID hesitancy was a very real consideration, the appeal of being together and enjoying the traditional ASI convention experience appeared to supersede all other concerns," said Mark Brown, president of ASI Columbia Union. "Registrations exceeded expectations, and the exhibit and convention halls, though reduced in size, were near their capacity. In the estimation of many, this convention was a success and a blessing." 

Speakers covered a variety of topics from finding ways to share the gospel both online and in person to starting a non-profit. They also talked about ways to identify and stop the spread of conspiracy theories and the transforming power of God.

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