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April 8, 2021: No Place Like Heaven

Have you ever wondered what heaven will be like and if Jesus is coming back? Have you ever imagined yourself walking the streets of gold? Have you ever thought about sitting face-to-face with Jesus?

Heaven is a place where God and His angels live. It is a place of peace and joy, prepared for you and me. God is just waiting for us to be ready.

We have to pray, read the Bible and believe that He will return one day soon. I can’t wait to see Jesus and meet the people I have read about in the Bible. I want Jesus to tell me how He felt when He reunited with His Father. I want to see His nail-pierced hands, a reminder of the price He paid for sin.

I can’t imagine a better place than heaven! It will be amazing to see Jesus and the home He has made for His children. I can’t wait to stand on the Sea of Glass and reunite with friends and family.

Dear Jesus, please help us to tell the world about You so all of us can go to heaven. Help us to love You and to be ready to go home to heaven with You. Amen.

Zionne I. Wydeman is a sixth-grader at the Mayfair Christian School in Ohio.


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