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April 17, 2021: The Runaway Cardinal

“Who provides food for the raven when its young cry out to God and wander about for lack of food?” (Job 38:41, NIV).

Our family has a large lilac bush next to one of our windows. A few years ago, a Northern Cardinal couple decided to raise their young in this bush. After Mrs. Cardinal built her nest and incubated her eggs, the chicks hatched. We all enjoyed peeking into the nest and seeing the chicks, who most of the time were crying for food. Thankfully, both Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal were very faithful, taking turns feeding their babies. The chicks grew quickly before our eyes and cameras.

About one week later, my dad noticed the chicks were missing from their nest. We looked for them and were concerned when we only found one hopping on the ground, with no parents in sight. The chick wasn’t strong enough to fly, but it was probably hungry, looking for worms, thinking its parents were taking too long to feed it. My dad scooped the chick up and placed it back in the nest, but, in a few hours, the chick was gone again.

This verse reminds me of the runaway Cardinal chick and humanity. When we have needs, we cry out to God, and He answers us in His own time and way. How many times do we roam aimlessly, trying to supply our own needs when we think He is taking too long? Perhaps God asks us to stay where we are for our safety.

Lord, thank You for providing my needs. Help me to trust in Your timing and not leave Your protection. Amen.

Caleb Palmer is a member of the Centerville church in Ohio.

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