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Why Cleaning is Good for Your Health

Story by V. Michelle Bernard

Why Cleaning is Good for Your Health

When you live in a cluttered space, it can increase your anxiety, decrease your productivity, lower the quality of your sleep and make you more likely to overeat, says Heather Quintana, editor of Vibrant Life. Here are some other reasons cleaning is good for your health.

Asthma Triggers

Jennifer McDonnell, a primary care physician at Rush University Medical Center in Illinois, adds that dust and pet dander are major triggers for asthma, a significant problem among children. Mold and mildew are other common triggers. She suggests decluttering so that dust will have fewer places to collect; and vacuuming frequently to stay on top of dander and dust.

McDonnell also encourages watching for water leaks and damp areas where mold and mildew can flourish. To combat the problem, she says to “clean with a diluted bleach solution and mak[e] sure that the room is well ventilated to keep humidity down and discourage mold’s regrowth.”

Reduce Falls

Dangerous falls can also be the result of a cluttered home. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention share that each year more than 2.5 million people 65 and older are treated for fall-related injuries, like traumatic brain injuries and hip fractures. Falls, in fact, are the leading cause of injury-related deaths among this age group. 

Reduced Focus

Having a cluttered environment can also impact your ability to focus on tasks, writes McDonnell, citing The Journal of Neuroscience study that mapped the brains response to clutter, finding it can limit the brain’s processing capacity. “When we’re surrounded by stuff, we’re much more distractible and less able to focus—and that’s especially true for kids who are trying to read or do homework.”


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