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Columbia Union Shares Second Round of COVID-19 Relief Funds

Story by Visitor Staff

Yesterday, the Columbia Union Conference sent COVID-19 relief checks, totaling $360,000, to each of its eight conferences, as well as Washington Adventist University. The union received the funds from the North American Division, and, at a recent President’s Council meeting, discussed how the funds would be used.

This is the second time the Columbia Union has distributed relief funds in 2020.

“We believe these additional funds will assist the mission in the local field and help to stabilize things during a very uncertain time,” says Dave Weigley, union president, noting that the funds will most likely be used to benefit the schools who have suffered from a decrease in tuition funds and low enrollment this year. “As many have said before, the mission is not in quarantine.”

Emmanuel Asiedu, union treasurer, adds that, during this time of extreme need, “our members have been faithful in their giving, [allowing] the union to be generous in sharing its financial resources to ensure that the mission of Jesus Christ moves forward.”


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