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When Done Correctly

Editorial by Jeremy Garlock

It is often said that the youth are the future of our church. I respectfully, yet passionately, disagree. I believe that the youth are the passion and energy of our church right now. A quick look at history will show us that God has always been passionate about youth.

The clear majority of Jesus’ 12 disciples would have fallen into our youth or young adult categories.

During the Dark Ages and the Reformation, youth and young adults did much to preserve the work.

The founders of the Seventh-day Adventist Church were within today’s youth and young adult age range. This is why Seventh-day Adventist education is so important: When done correctly, no other ministry has such a positive, long-lasting, effective and powerful impact on our youth and young adults. When done correctly, no other ministry will train our young people to be global missionaries for God as efficiently as Seventh-day Adventist education. And, when done correctly, no other ministry can harness the raw energy and enthusiasm of young people and funnel it toward completing the mission of the Church.

It is with an eye on this type of passionate ministry that I ask each of you to pray for our education system. Let’s not just finish the work. Let’s empower our young people to lead the way home to heaven and to Jesus.

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