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VIDEOS: Columbia Union 2019 Leadership Summit on Sola Scriptura

Story by V. Michelle Bernard

Last fall, 170 students, local, conference, health care, education and union leaders attended the Columbia Union Conference 2019 Leadership Summit, held in Columbia, Md. Attendees discussed and dissected the role of sola scriptura in guiding the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s development and organization; local church life; and their personal lives.

“Our church was founded on the principles of the Bible, and they are and should be what guides our mission, ministry and actions,” said Columbia Union President Dave Weigley. “The impetus for our actions must continue to be sola scriptura. Therefore, we must uphold the primacy of God’s Holy Word, and neither add to it nor misinterpret its message.” Read the full story here.

Watch Presentations from the event:


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