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Wilbur Davis, a Shiloh church community attendee and recovering addict, celebrates God with Shiloh member Rick Howard.

Shiloh Church Guest, Recovering Addict Throws Party for God

Story by Allegheny West Conference Staff

Birthday parties, retirement goodbyes, anniversary celebrations and many other occasions are reasons worthy to come together and celebrate, but has anyone ever thrown a party for God? Wilbur Davis, an individual who regularly attends the Shiloh Cincinnati church, decided to do just that.

Davis, a recovering and delivered addict, had been attending Shiloh for a month when he approached an elder about having a party to celebrate the goodness of God in his life and just for who God is. After talking with the pastor and laying out his plans, Davis planned an afternoon filled with music, testimonies and good food. He invited people from his recovery group who he met along the way, who have inspired him and who he has touched in one way or another. Guests came from as far as Virginia when they heard what Davis was planning. One by one individuals stood up to praise God and talk about their individual journeys.

The guests—comprised of non-believers—came with one goal in mind: to celebrate God! “Since coming to the Adventist church, this has been an experience that I have never had before. It’s like going to see a world premiere,” Davis says. “That is what I get when I hear the music, hear the preaching. I have never ever experienced that type of spiritual awakening before.”

Davis attends church regularly, and brings visitors with him every Sabbath. As a result, many more people are exposed to God’s love—all because someone decided to throw a party.


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