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In Every Moment, Large and Small

Editorial by Terry Forde

Have you ever been walking down the stairs and thought there was one more stair to go? But there wasn’t – so your foot connected with the floor a few inches sooner than you were expecting? And it made a little slapping noise and for just a moment you lost your balance, but then you were okay.

Or have you ever been going up the stairs and thought there was an extra step and suddenly found yourself negotiating nothing but air where you thought should have been a place for your foot to land?

Or have you ever been taking a walk, and suddenly a rock pokes itself up out of the pathway, and you stumble and start to fall forward until you catch yourself or the person walking with you catches you?

When I said, “My foot is slipping,” your love, O Lord, supported me. ~ Psalm 94:18, NIV

When life pushes in, when things don’t go as we planned, when the pathway gets rocky, when relationships are complicated, when your foot starts to slip – it is exactly at that moment that we can ask for God’s help and know that help will come. We will not be left alone; we will not be helpless.

The range of God’s love and care for us is all encompassing; it takes in every aspect of our lives. And not just the big, important things, but also the small ones: the foot slips, computer crashes, traffic jams, recipe failures, dropped balls, missed opportunities, wrong exits, little misunderstandings – it all matters.

In every moment of our lives, your love, O Lord, supports us!

Terry Forde
President & CEO of Adventist HealthCare

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