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Pathfinders from a Beltsville Broncos team participate in the NAD PBE. Photo by Jonathan Logan/Lake Union Conference.

14 Columbia Union Teams Place First at North American Division Pathfinder Bible Experience

Twenty-three teams from the Columbia Union Conference recently participated in the North American Division's Pathfinder Bible Experience in Rockford, Ill. (Read about the Columbia Union event here.)

The rankings are below:

Allegheny East Conference

Community Falcons - Team 1- Second Place
Community Falcons - Team 2- Second Place
Genesis Jaguars- First Place
Living Springs Lions- Second Place
Maranatha Warriors - Diamonds- First Place

New Jersey Conference

Bridgeton Heaven's Army - Gerizim- Second Place
Piscataway Eagles - Faithful- First Place
Piscataway Eagles - Loving- First Place

Ohio Conference

Akron Crusaders- First Place
Beavercreek Broncos- First Place

Pennsylvania Conference

Bethlehem Eastern Trumpets - Team A- First Place
Bethlehem Eastern Trumpets - Team B- Second Place
Hamburg Blue Mountaineers- Second Place
Philadelphia Blvd. Heaven Bound - Team A- First Place

Potomac Conference

Beltsville Broncos - Jehovah- Second Place
Beltsville Broncos - Lamb of God- Second Place
Beltsville Broncos - Lion of Judah- Second Place
Beltsville Broncos - Master- First Place
CPC Panthers – Heart- First Place
CPC Panthers – Soul- First Place
CPC Panthers - Strength- First Place
Fredericksburg Patriots- First Place
Leesburg Soaring Eagles – Jerusalem- First Place

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