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Sharing the Word

Editorial by Andre Hastick

Each day you and I use thousands of words; we share sentences to express our thoughts and feelings. Our intended messages, however, can sometimes get lost in translation. It is estimated that in the Scots language, spoken in the winter wonderland of the northern United Kingdom, there are more than 400 words for “snow.” I live in Maryland, where we make a big deal about any winter precipitation. In fact, it seems like our only term for snow is “School’s closed!” If Scots-speaking people tried to teach me about their snowfall without me experiencing it personally, their lesson would probably get lost in translation.

A lot was at stake in Jesus’ ministry—if His message got lost, His hearers could end up eternally lost. He often used metaphors, similes and parables to convey the truth about the kingdom of God. Jesus intentionally structured His message so that individuals who desired truth could hear and understand. He also combined His teaching with healing, feeding and encouraging others with the hope found in salvation. Jesus knew what to say and how to live so people would listen and apply the truth He shared to their lives.

In these end-times, Revelation 14:6 reveals the everlasting gospel being shared with every person throughout the world. It sounds like God is calling us to become expert communicators! As we attempt to reach unbelievers, today’s generation and generations to come, we must prayerfully consider how to best impact them with the message of our soon-returning King. We should not only be students of the written Word, but imitators of the incarnate Word, who became the living translation of the character of God. Let us share and model the everlasting gospel message in a way that precious kernels of truth can be received by anyone who is open to His calling.

Andre Hastick serves as communication director for the Chesapeake Conference

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