Connecting Columbia Union Seventh-day Adventists

Jared Briggman (left), pastor of the East Pea Ridge church, rejoices as Justin (middle) and Zachary White take their stand for Bible truth.

Search for Truth Leads to West Virginia Adventist Church Livestream

Story by Peggy Criddle

Zachary White and his teenage son, Justin, had been searching for Bible truth for several years. A long-time friend became a Seventh-day Adventist, but the beliefs his friend embraced were so different from White’s Baptist upbringing, that he didn’t believe they were true.

Years later, White began watching Amazing Facts, but he had a hard time understanding the biblical concepts. He felt impressed to search online for a local Adventist church. Remarkably, he discovered livestreamed sermons on YouTube by Jared Briggman, pastor of the Mountain View Conference's East Pea Ridge church in Huntington, W.Va. Though White still didn’t agree with what he was viewing, he continued to watch with his son.

One day he opened his Bible while watching both the Amazing Facts telecast and the local Adventist church’s livestream. After comparing the information, he realized that these teachings were indeed true.

Last year East Pea Ridge members held a full series of 26 evangelistic meetings. Both White and his son watched the first 22 episodes of the meetings online, and after the presentation on baptism, they visited the church and inquired about becoming members. They attended the last four meetings in person and recently chose to be baptized along with two other individuals who made decisions for Jesus during the meetings.

“When Zach and Justin first walked into the church, we had no idea how they had heard about us,” shares Briggman. “Once we found out that they were there because of our internet livestream, our members realized how God could use this tool to reach people here in West Virginia.”



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