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Book Release: Your Rejection, God's Protection

Story by Sylvia Urrutia

With more than 20 years of experience in Christian leadership, Cheryl and Micah Chavers of Allegheny East Conference’s Calvary church in Newport News, Va., have ministered to many people and helped them seek God and maximize their potential.  Through their own personal experiences, they have developed practical tools to help others overcome adversity in their life.

The couple has gathered their years of knowledge and expertise into a book that will help readers see adversity in a whole new light. Everyone experiences rejection that threatens to take away happiness and success.However, the Chavers believe that by looking at rejection as God’s protection, we can experience hope and live life more abundantly.

Their book, Your Rejection, God’s Protection, analyzes the response of several Bible characters and modern-day people that experienced rejection and adversity and have overcome. It is written in a format that can be used as a personal reading as well as in a group setting or Bible study. 

Your Rejection, God’s Protection can be purchased by visiting Amazon at

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