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Afternoon show host Tom Miner and morning show host Jerry Woods pose with winners who won a chance to meet Michael W. Smith, Amy Grant and musical director David Hamilton.

WGTS Host Michael W. Smith, Amy Grant & Vice-President Mike Pence

Story by Jerry Woods

When a concert comes to the Washington D.C., anything can happen, and recently it did. WGTS staffers and listeners were surprised when the Secret Service showed up at the Michael W. Smith and Amy Grant Christmas Show. Agents swept the building, increased security screening at the doors and stationed snipers around the building. Then Vice-president Mike Pence and his family were escorted to front row seats.

The vice-president and an audience of over 5,000 enjoyed classics with Michael W. Smith, Amy Grant and season nine winner of “The Voice,” Jordan Smith.  The singers' band as well as the full Richmond Symphony Orchestra, backed the artists.

“The rich history that both of these artists brought people together of all ages and from all walks of life, including the Vice-president. It almost felt like a reunion as people start singing along from the first note,” says WGTS general manager Kevin Krueger.

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