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Candidates prepare to be baptized at the Glenville Present Truth church in Cleveland.

107 Baptized at Glenville Present Truth

Story by Bryant Smith

The Glenville Present Truth church in Cleveland recently held a six-week evangelistic series themed “Our World in Crisis: Are You Ready?” Stephen D. Lewis, evangelist for Present Truth Ministry, presented Bible truth on topics such as the law of God, the Sabbath, the state of the dead and the plan of salvation. He also presented counsel for married couples and singles. Each evening he quizzed the attendees to see what they had learned from the previous night.

Lewis had the congregation join him in silent prayer prior to each evening’s service, as the theme song, “Only Jesus Can Satisfy Your Soul,” played in the background. One visitor said that as she left the meeting one night, her granddaughter continued to sing that song on the ride home.

More than 370 people attended Family Night, and 264 young adults attended Youth Night. “The Spirit of the Lord was with Lewis. If you came one night, you had to keep on coming,” says Eugene Anthony, pastor of the Allegheny West Conference's Glenville Present Truth church.

With only a small budget, the Lord blessed in a tremendous way. There was no transportation, no praise teams, no Bible workers, no puppet shows and no PowerPoint presentations. There was only the Word of God, much prayer and six weeks of hard work. The Glenville Present Truth members were also very supportive; they attended each night and brought family, relatives and friends to the meetings. As a result of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, Lewis baptized 107 people.

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