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Teresa Jorge is involved in the singing ministry at the Luso-Brazilian church in Newark. (photo credit – Jorge Pilco)

New Jersey Youth “Get Involved!” at Retreat

Teens, youth and youth leaders spent the weekend at the Tranquil Valley Retreat Center in January to participate in the Youth Convention & Teens Retreat. The three-day event, themed “Get Involved!,” offered more than 40 classes where leaders urged participants to get involved in their churches and in the community and work for the Lord.

“Get involved for me is using whatever talent you have and immersing it for the Lord’s work. I’m a music teacher and every lesson that I do, I integrate faith. That’s what being involved means, putting God first, and immersing yourself in everything,” says Johanne Veraque, a member of the Filipino church in Jersey City.

Teresa Jorge from the Luso-Brazilian Church in Newark, added, “I’ve never thought I had a great voice, but people tell me that I have a beautiful voice. So even if I wake up one day and feel like I don’t, I’ll still continue to go out there and preach the gospel and sing. To someone else, [my voice] may just be that one thing they need to find Christ. I stay involved by singing.”

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