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Maryland Adventist Filmmaker Premieres New Film This Week

Interview by V. Michelle Bernard

This Friday Anthony Hackett premieres his latest film, Love Different.

It shares the story of a Caucasian woman who experiences culture shock after landing a job at an African American consulting firm. Hackett, who attends Chesapeake Conference’s New Hope church in Fulton, Md., says he wants viewers to be entertained and realize that it’s okay for people to be different. “It’s our job to learn the ways in which each person needs to be loved and love them.”—

The film premieres March 18 at Bridgeway Community church in Columbia, Md.,

Read our interview with Hackett below:

Visitor: What did you want the audience to take away from this film? 

Hackett: My hope is that the audience laughs and is well entertained, but most importantly they receive our intended message that people are different, and that's okay.  Our job is to learn the ways in which each person needs to be loved and love them.

Visitor: What did you learn about yourself while writing or directing the film? 

Hackett: I guess not so much that I learned, but I was confirmed in my knowledge of how much I LOVE making movies for God! The collaboration between so many people, all under the leadership of God... nothing beats it for me.

Visitor: Was any of the movie from personal experiences? 

Hackett: Yes.  A lot of it was.  Since a majority of the film is about looking at the differences between black and white people, my life as a black male has produced quite a bit of experiences that I can turn into a pretty comical and drama filled story line.

Watch the trailer and find out about upcoming screenings here.

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