Connecting Columbia Union Seventh-day Adventists

Responding to a Bible study request card took Clifford and Cathy Long on a journey to truth.

Faithfulness Reaps Harvest in Valley View Church

In the spring of 2014, Clifford Long received a Voice of Prophecy (VOP) Discover Bible study request card that eventually led to several of his family members learning more about the Bible. Long returned the card, and started receiving Discover Bible studies from Delsie Knicely, a member from the Lewisburg (W.Va.) church.

When Knicely, who lives in Friars Hill, W.Va., a store owner, dropped off new lessons and picked up the completed ones, she visited with the Longs, answering their questions. The Longs live in Lindside, W.Va., about an hour and a half away from Knicely’s store, and two hours from her house, but Knicely faithfully delivered new lessons. After finishing the series, the Longs were eager for more and eventually completed another four Bible study series.

Knicely contacted Pastor Ron Patterson from the Beckley/Valley View district, asking if she could hold ShareHim evangelism meetings in the Valley View church in Bluefield, W.Va. She hoped that this location would be close enough for the Longs to attend. Patterson agreed, and the Longs attended. They made a public decision to follow Bible truths, and were baptized into the Valley View church in the fall of 2015.

“I felt fantastic as I witnessed the Longs’ baptisms,” says Knicely. “The Lord worked through me; I was His spokesperson and saving souls is what matters. I want as many as possible saved.”

Knicely continues to study with the Longs, and is expanding her ministry to the family. She now also is studying with Elizabeth, Long’s daughter-in-law in South Carolina and Clifford’s sister, Sandra, in Princeton, W.Va.

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