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Editorial: Let Your Light Shine

Editorial by Walter Cardenas

What comes to mind when you hear “summer camp?” I think about fun, outdoor activities, nature, friends, a week without my kids.

Maybe another idea popped into your head. Did you think about God, Christianity, outreach, battlefields and hard work?

The summer camp program in the Mountain View Conference receives kids from all walks of life: Seventh-day Adventist Christians, Christians of other faiths and those who have never attended church. Some kids come from broken homes, and one week at our camp becomes the highlight of the year for them. It is something that they look forward to every year. For other kids, it is the only exposure they have to Christianity.

Summer camp is about all of the fun things mentioned, but is also a battleground where campers make decisions to follow Jesus. Through Bible study, singing, nature and fun activities, we introduce these kids to Jesus. We invite them to accept Him as their personal Savior. We try to make it as appealing as He did.

"Christ watched children at their play. … He sang to children in sweet and blessed words. They knew that He loved them. He never frowned on them. He shared their childish joys and sorrows. Often He would gather flowers. … He delighted to point out their beauties” (Ellen G. White, The Upward Look, p. 57).

Valley Vista’s camp theme this year is “Let Your Light Shine,” and the staff goal is to encourage each camper to shine for Jesus wherever they are. The dates for camp are: Adventurer Camp, June 26-July 3; Junior Camp, July 3 - July 10; Teen Camp, July 10 – 16.

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Walter Cardenas is the Mountain View Conference Summer Camp director

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