Connecting Columbia Union Seventh-day Adventists

Lori Farr and Christina Ivankina are members of the Executive Committee

Delegates Approve New Executive Committee

This past weekend delegates to the Columbia Union Conference Constituency Meeting voted to approve the following Executive Committee:


President: Dave Weigley
Secretary: Rob Vandeman
Treasurer: Seth Bardu



Weymouth Spence, WAU
Fred Manchur, KHN
Terry Forde – AHC




Allegheny East Conference

Henry Fordham, president
Marcus Harris, pastor
Wyneshia Foxworthy
Gina Brown
Lewis Miles
Jose Velasquez
Marcia MoorePorche Vanderhorst


Allegheny West Conference

William Cox, Sr. president
Jason Ridley, Pastor
Mark Callion
Violet Cox


Chesapeake Conference

Rick Remmers, president
Frank Zollman, pastor
Walter Alonzo
Denise Isaac


Mountain View Conference

Larry Boggess, president
Jim Buchanan, pastor


New Jersey Conference

Jose Cortes, president
John Pifer II, pastor
Marie Blot
Marisa Medina


Ohio Conference

Ron Halverson, president
Lori Farr, pastor
Tim Ko
Vince Waln


Pennsylvania Conference

Ray Hartwell, president
Tom Hennlein, pastor
Christina Ivankina
Dave Richmond


Potomac Conference

William Miller, president
Mike Hewitt, pastor
Renee Battle-Brooks
Rodney Cartwright
David Dildy
Sonja Vasquez
Sanjay Thomas



Donovan Ross
Cynthia Poole-Gibson

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