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Chesapeake Spanish Gala Draws 118 Young People

Story by Samantha Young / Photo by Elisa Cardona

Last week the Chesapeake Conference hosted a Spanish Federation banquet in Baltimore for youth and young adults, where about 120 elegantly dressed young people representing 14 churches accepted awards, a “sumptuous” meal and singing contest. Carl Rodriguez, Youth Ministries director, says the formal affair gave the young members an opportunity to enjoy a sophisticated social occasion in a Christian setting.
The Spanish Federation, started five years ago, is a conference-sponsored youth advisory comprised of 17 young, Hispanic leaders. The federation’s long-term objective is to integrate, or bridge, the youth and young adults attending Spanish-speaking churches with primarily English-language initiatives, such as Pathfinders, Adventurers and re:generation.
Federation leaders plan spiritual retreats, sports and recreation activities, such as ski trips and soccer matches, as well as social events like the recent gala. Rodriguez reports the strategy is working. He has observed young married couples from five area churches enroll their children in Pathfinder and Adventurer clubs and participate in camp meeting.

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